Anonymous: haha yes you dont have to worry about me im just a lonely person that doesnt have friends in the real world to talk about films,youd forget about me and ah it happens a billion times im just being honest :) true and we could learn our culture through films like that man people would change for the good everybody is rude and trying hard to emulate the west its sad,and most of the stuff that are shown thru films are the bad side of the culture raping,envy,im fine and well-film-buff-friend

I checked out Pasport Ekspres and ended up watching some of these short stories by matluthfi90 on youtube“ i really really like them, thank you for suggesting them! i heard that theres a new chinese-malaysian film doing pretty well though. i guess you won’t tell me who you are, but do i know you off-anon, anon? i’d really like to know / .