by Robert Mapplethorpe

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The Growlers - “Someday”

Angel Dust (1994) Dir. Sogo Ishii

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Adam Simpson, English illustrator.

This is “Boundary Hotel Elevator”. A commission to produce an artwork to appear floor to ceiling, all 4 sides of the elevator vestibule at the new ‘Boundary Hotel’ situated on Boundary Street in London. The artwork was devised around a grid of boundary walls. Each walled segment is about 170mm square. The idea behind producing such a detailed artwork was that each journey in the elevator would give the visitor a chance to study a new scene in the artwork. A geometric toile de jouy of sorts. The conversion of the Victorian warehouse building on Boundary Street, into a boutique hotel, was a joint venture between Sir Terence Conran, Lady Conran and Peter Prescott & Partners. The hotel opened in January 2009.

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Mothra (モスラ) vs. Godzilla [ゴジラ], Toho Company Ltd., c. 1964.